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Updates and Q2 plan

by Bonafide
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Today from the Pi App Announcement. 

The Core Team’s strategies have always been decentralization, ecosystem-building and network growth. 

In Q1, we released the Pi Wallet – an important milestone towards decentralization – enabling all Pioneers to interact with the Pi Testnet and preparing the network for the Mainnet. We also released the Pi Browser – the new interface of the Pi Utilities platform – that will allow Pi Apps to be built, tested and accessed easily. At the same time, the network has grown to over 17 million engaged Pioneers.

In Q2, while keeping up the work on the Testnet and growth, the Core Team has been focusing on building and improving the Pi Utilities Platform – the necessary infrastructure for building the Pi ecosystem. We always believe the real value creation will occur in utilities and applications, thus the development of the utilities platform has always been an important strategy at Pi Network. In the context of the market volatility and noises in the crypto space, real utilities and a robust ecosystem are the best defence. 

Specifically, we’re working on the following things for the Pi Utilities Platform, and they will be released later in Q2. 

  • Integration with Testnet
    This will enable third-party Pi apps to call Pi Wallets and send transactions to the Pi Testnet. When the Mainnet is live, this process will connect to the Mainnet, hence allowing Pioneers to spend Pi in Pi apps.
  • Integration with Pi Browser
    As mentioned in the Browser launch, the Pi Browser is the more open interface of the new utilities platform.
  • New developer portal
    Third-party developers of Pi apps will be able to apply and request for authorization to use certain resources there.
  • Standardized environment to build and deploy ecosystem apps
    This will enable ecosystem app developers to build their app in a way that will not require much further complication in deploying on Pi servers and scale to millions of Pioneers. As a reminder, ecosystem apps are Type 2 Pi apps that usually do not have a business model but provide missing functionalities for the ecosystem, as opposed to Type 1 Business apps.

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