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The idea and vision behind the development of Pi Network

by Bonafide
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Hello fellow Pioneers. I just want to share with you my brief interview with Vince. During that time I was really trying to fully understand and grasp the idea behind the Pi Network project. 

During the early days of Pi Network. I was able to talked to Vince when I was submitting my project proposal to start the Pi Social Project with the goal to advance the agenda of Pi Network.

Pi Social Project – we are aiming to bring Pi Network into the heart of every culture, globally – stemming from our belief that Pi Network is much more than just a currency. Because we see Pi Network as a vital tool for resetting the imbalance of the word’s current financial systems.
Pi Social Project

Please enjoy.

An interview with Vince.

Bonafide: Vince tell me whats the idea behind Pi Network project? What is the motivation, driving force why the Core Team developed the Pi Network?

Vince: https://thepolitic.org/vincent-mcphillip-yc-10-head-of-community-at-pi-network/

Bonafide: Vince follow up question. Why the team used Pi name and symbol?

Vince: We thought it represented the values of the movement we wanted to create.

• Pi is infinite. A reflection of the deep potential each person brings to the network.


• Pi contains all numbers and permutations of numbers making it all inclusive. Reflecting the fact that Pi Network had a place for everyone.


• Pi is circular which reflects the way in which we come together to secure and build the network. It’s also a mathematical constant which reflects stability.

Vince McPhillip

Bonafide: Thanks Vince.

Vince: We are building more than a currency here.

Bonafide: Thats what i want to know the “more than” because to me I thought this idea of pi is to replace fiat.. its ambitious but its doable.

Vince: We will be sharing out more of our vision and mission for Pi in the upcoming weeks. We also want the community’s input to gauge why YOU believe in Pi.


Vince McPhillip

  • Founder of Knomadland – Knomad was founded by Vince McPhillip in 2018 to help people (including himself!) find more flexible and meaningful work. A paper on “Expert Crowdsourcing” helped inspire Knomad’s first incarnation as a “flash consultancy” pairing university students with cryptocurrency projects.  
  • Co-founder and former CEO of Pi Network, 15+ million member cryptocurrency network.
  • MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business
  • Non-profit / NGO Consultant at The Bridgespan Group w/ focus on education and scaling social ventures.
  • BA from Yale University in Political Science with additional study in Economics, and Sociology.

  • Vince Expertise

  • How to build a multi-million person Digital Community.
  • The Power of Note-Taking in Notion and Roam Research.
  • Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money.

I hope that you enjoyed that very brief interview with Vince. Now I will ask you the same question.

Why do you believe in Pi?

Please leave your answer in the comment section below. More power to Pi Network and the Core Team. 

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