About Us

Its everyone together ( pitalk.com | express.pi ) A social platform exchange for goods and services for Pioneers all over the world. ( that will run on Pi Network blockchain. )

The pitalk.com | express.pi is a social platform for everyday people to exchange goods and services for Pi. 

Goal: To provide all pioneers the community open for everyday people to sell their products/services and many other things for Pi while enjoying the benefits of social network platform. 

Collaboration: We will collaborate with everyday people that have talents and skills and to all the Pi Network platform that is being created to bring value to Pi Network project.

Pitalk.com | express.pi is a social e-commerce network chain that will run on Pi Network blockchain so everyday people can sell goods and provide services needed by everyday people for Pi. 

Barriers: We will also try to experiment in delivering goods to people worldwide by utilizing USPS/UPS/Amazon etc.. as the carrier of our products. 

We will find the best solution on how to send the products globally while sharing and collaborating with other Pi Network platform and the consumer on how they can send and be able receive the product/s intact and without damage.



Its everyone together.