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Your Pi Network KYC data is safe

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The recent article about Pi Network leaking our data is absolutely not true. The Vietnamese Pi Network Community moderator Phien Vo is indeed spreading false information about Pi Network App. The  Pi app does not collect information such as driver’s license, personal addresses, debit/credit cards or bank accounts information.

There is no way the data I mentioned above are being collected by Pi Network, because the Pi app will not ask us to provide these kind of information. The report from Cointelegraph appears that the author did not check and verify the source of fake information before publishing the article.

The Pi Network KYC process is being conducted by a third party company called YOTI and they don’t collect information such as credit cards or bank accounts. None of our personal information is being saved on Pi Network database or servers because the Pi app does not and will not ask us about our personal information I mentioned above.

The success of Pi Network is inevitable as manifested by the growing numbers of cryptocurrency copycat like Bee Network, Timestope, Eagle Network and many more. The global Pi Network Pioneers are growing remarkably fast. It is also a possibility due to the overwhelming success of Pi Network that these other crypto developers are spreading false information to discredit Pi Network and the PCT.

The alleged leak is not from Pi Network. The KYC of Pi Network is conducted by a third party KYC provider, and Pi Network servers do not have images of people’s identification documents, so there is no such data to be leaked from us. Second, for Vietnamese Pi users, the Pi Network KYC process so far only accepts Vietnamese passport and has never asked for nor accepted Vietnamese national ID cards, so the alleged leaked Vietnamese national ID cards could not come from us. Third our internal check did not find any evidence of such a leak.

Additionally, Pi Network is not selling users’ KYC data. We defined and stated in our Privacy Policy, “we do not and will not sell data collected for KYC purposes without your consent.”

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Your Pi Network KYC data is safe.

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