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Pi Network Development Phases

by Bonafide
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  • Pi is presently (centralized) running on an emulator in the cloud server (closed source), simulating a decentralized (Open source) blockchain. Pi emulator will be used to put to test running the decentralized blockchain using Node software (Testnet ).
  • Nodes will run on laptops and computers responsible for validating and recording transactions on the distributed ledger. Node software will run parallel/same time as the emulator which is still under regulation (centralized) in Phase 2.
  • After an absolute contemporarily run of both systems, the testnet will reach a state where its results compatibly match the emulators.
  • At the time when the community feels it ready.
    Pi will migrate to the final phase ( Phase 3- Open source) totally decentralized and running on its own Blockchain.
  • We are one step away from phase 3. Good Moments are awaiting us. Get Excited!

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