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Beware of Scams

by Bonafide
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Aug 11th – 5:20pm
As our network grows, there has been a recent increase of scams claiming to involve Pi. Remember that Pi is mined for free but currently not for sale. We are not affiliated with anyone or any organization claiming to sell Pi, Pi futures or any derivatives of Pi. All such sales are unauthorized and may lead to your loss of money or personal data. Read more about different types of scams.

Pi Core Team

Beware of scams

Pi is mined for free but currently not for sale. We’re not affiliated with anyone or any organization claiming to sell Pi, Pi futures or any derivatives of Pi. All such sales are unauthorized and may lead to your loss of money or personal data. Pi is currently not on any trading or futures exchanges or traded for other currencies/cryptocurrencies. For any information about Pi, please always use Pi’s official channels: minepi.com, this app, and our official Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram pages that are linked from our app. Based on Pioneers’ reports, below are a few tips on how to avoid a few types of scams.

How do you avoid these scams?

Avoid all current unauthorized sales of Pi, Pi futures or derivatives, because either these scams may not have the Pi they claim they do to give you back the promised Pi after you pay them money, or these futures and derivatives will be built on empty assets where nothing is backing their value, thus probably ending up in “pump and dump” situations. Remember it takes time to create and build real value, and the promise of quick money is usually a scam. Because of our policy that all Pi earned through fake accounts or scripting will be burned and the current terms of in-app transfers, many of these scammers who think they own certain amounts of Pi will lose their Pi before the Mainnet due to the behavior prohibited by our policies and terms.

So there is no other way to increase your mining rate or to get more Pi right now but to mine in-app. Beware of scammers who make false claims that you can get more than what can be earned inside the Pi App. You can mine Pi for free by pushing the mining button in the app everyday, and you get rewarded for securing the network by having up to 5 members in your Security Circle, and growing the network by building up your earning team through invites.

Please do NOT give out your personal information (e.g. phone number, email address, passwords, Pi username and balances) to any organizations, websites, social media, or messaging apps for any airdrops or potential trading opportunities. Pi is not conducting any airdrops. As mentioned above, any futures or derivatives of Pi may not be backed by anything, hence you are running the risk of privacy and identity theft in this case.

Any unofficial communities pretending to run paid “Pi KYC” are scams, and you may lose money and potentially have your identity stolen. All Pi KYC processes will only be initiated from this App. You’ll be notified if you’re selected for KYC which is currently free.

Do not share personal information (e.g. phone number, email address, passwords) inside the Pi App chat rooms or any communication channels where strangers can view. Specifically, you should not be exchanging phone numbers or adding strangers to your Security Circle. You should only add people that you trust to your Security Circle. Remember that you are receiving the security circle reward for making the network more secure. If you are adding untrustworthy people to your Security Circle, this action of yours not only did not contribute to the security of the network, but also may have a negative effect on your ability to make transfers and Pi account recovery in the future.

The best place to get information about Pi is from inside the app and on our official website www.minepi.com. If you have questions, first check out our FAQs and White Paper, and you can also go to our chat rooms where Moderators with an M symbol may be able to answer your questions. Beware of sites that imitate our website or social media pages. The Pi App has links in the side menu to our official social media sites. Take caution with unofficial Pi-related social pages or groups who offer information or services. There are some resources that may be reliable, but there are others who spread false rumors. So, always refer back to the Pi app or website for official news and information.

Always report suspicious activity

If you come across a scam or questionable activity, please send an email to support@minepi.com with supporting evidence of the scam. If there are Pioneers trying to buy, sell, or trade Pi in the Pi App chat rooms, this is a violation of our terms of service. If you see this activity, please take a screenshot of the violator’s message and email it to support@minepi.com.

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