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A Tribute to the Greatest Anonymous Trader in the Far East

by Bonafide

In Asia, there’s a great man – who uses a pseudonym much like CIS, the greatest trader perhaps Japan has ever produced – whose vast knowledge and wisdom defy all norms and standards on how people look at trolls.

Aba, matindeh!

Behind the bespectacled muppet on Facebook is a simple guy. A dreamer. Who looks after the welfare of everyday people. Whose only wish is to empower them even through something as revolutionary as a digital currency.

A good friend of mine – @Jake1982 on the Pi Network app – who knows of him had – and still has – good words for him. We may no longer be as active as when we started in stock trading. But on occasion we’d trade and still win. And yes, lose. However, this time, when it comes to position sizing, trading Psychology, observing stops, we’re never the same again. We’ve become mature traders. Soon we’ll give it a go again. In fact, Jake is now exploring forex trading.

Jake “met” the guy on Facebook.

“Lolo (Granny),” as believers of his trading prowess and unbridled wisdom fondly call him, left an indelible mark on Jake’s and my colorful journey in the world of equities trading in the Far East.

He is a troll all right. But such infamy and anonymity stop right there. His teachings transcend even the norms and standards of mainstream literature on responsible investing.

His efforts in promoting Pi are overwhelming. He even came up with the unreleased unofficial Filipino translation of the White Paper of The Pi Network. Or so we heard. That would be another feather in his cap, once it is officially approved and released. But having to translate the said paper is another testimony to the great-ness of this man. He seemingly never runs out of ideas. He is Stephen Hawking and Peter Lynch rolled into one.

If one had access to all his teachings on Facebook since who knows when, and made a digest of it all, it would blow all investing and Philosophy books out of the water.

The exponential growth of Pi not only in the Far East but also across the globe to a large extent can be attributed to the seriously playful granny.


Overwhelming, indeed. Need I say more?


This article was written by Saber as a tribute to the greatest anonymous trader. Lolo AlCal.

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Dames May 27, 2021 - 10:40 am

Is he a doctor?

Bonafide May 27, 2021 - 1:55 pm

Yah he is a cryptocurrency MD

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